Underwater adventures

Diving nearby Sozopol.
Underwater Stone Forest:
Petrified trees are located a few meters away from "Saint John" island, right next to the plantation of Black Seashells. In the waters around the island, about twenty meters underwater reveals an incredible world. Hundreds of stone trunks with a diameter of several meters stretch petrified branches.

There is no an explanation about this mysterious forest. The scientists suggest that these are trees which had grown seventy million years ago. The sea swept them, and according to experts, the water which covered them did not contain oxygen. So the timber giant plants got petrified rather than to get rotten.


Some of the sunken ships nearby Sozopol, which everyone can explore are: French Cargo Steamship "Jacques Fresine" ( depth of 25 m); the Bulgarian Ship "Rodina" (depth of 40 m); the American Ship "Mopang"'(depth of32 m); Turkish one "Safak" (depth of 16 m); the Romanian "Peles" (depth of 30 m). 



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